Repost multiple KIJIJI ads with a single click.

Kijiji Repost Pro Elite Plus SEO Booster (2018 Version)

Kijiji Repost does your job with a single click

This is the full version. No branding will appear in this pro edition.

Kijiji Repost Pro Elite Plus SEO Booster (2018 Version)


Works with all modules including real estate

This Extension is Designed Especially for people who use Kijiji on day to day basis

NOTE: This product is not owned or operated by Kijiji nor is it endorsed by them. Names as used are owned by individual companies


Repost Kijiji Ads Immediately and get top to Page 1 of your category

Repost in one single Click

Works with all moduels including with Real Estate Module too


Abuse of your kijiji account can lead to closure or suspension of your account.

We are not responsible for the use of this extension, in any way. Check their TOS.

Remeber to remove old ads after reposting as duplicate ads are removed

There is a Limit of 25 ad actions per day that include deletion and new ads actions

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Monthly Package

Black Friday Special LIFE TIME